Question: I am seeking to develop my career to the next step, and am conflicted as to which direction is best suited for my personality and talents. I am considering moving from fashion retail management to financial planning, but am hesitant about making the move.  What insights does my birth chart have? I am nervous that my focus on financial compensation is clouding my judgement.   – Rebecca Butler

Response:  Hi Rebecca, many thanks for reaching out.  That’s a big change and having hesitation is a really normal response. Your hesitation probably has some really good intentions, one being exploring  what additional factors you’d like check out before deciding.

From looking at your chart, I can see why financial compensation would be a motivator.  I am also curious how it fits in among other ways of assessing if this move would be fulfilling.  Here are a few that I see that would be important to you:

  • Advancement
  • Freedom, independence, autonomy
  • Security
  • Challenge
  • Innovation
  • Intellectual engagement
  • Alignment with values

There’s an energy happening right now in your chart that is asking you to be very discerning.  Since late 2017, you’ve been asked to look at your life and commitments thoroughly, to find alignment with your actions, vision and unique abilities.  This can be a challenging time!  The good news is that there is an end to this energy.  🙂  By the end of this year, you will have a much better idea of your priorities and the steps to take to get to them.

A couple of questions to close, informed by what is happening in the sky right now:

  • What would you love to do?
  • What do you want to create?

Overall, it sounds like you are responding well to the energy – being aware of your doubts, examine them deeper – even though it’s uncomfortable.

Sending good thoughts your way as you discover what is next!

If we can be of any additional help, feel free to reach out to me or Tom

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