Ever notice how some people step into careers they love while others struggle to find a career that fulfills? For anyone seeking counsel from their natal chart, there are many indicators that standout and help us navigate the professional landscape.

For example, the Sun tells an important story about who we are, what we want from life and shows where we want to shine our light the brightest. It’s our driving, creative force that guides and inspires.  The Moon and the planets contribute to this story and offer additional insight. As we peel away the many layers of the chart, a very interesting picture comes to life. Vesta, a tiny asteroid, contributes to the career story and can be very helpful in a career consultation.

How does such a tiny asteroid have anything significant to contribute?  I was skeptical at first but was quickly amazed how active Vesta was during my own career highs and lows.  Whenever I began an exciting project, Vesta was highlighted, many times through its own return which occurs roughly every 3.6 years.

Vesta orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. Her symbolism couldn’t be more perfect since the physical description connects with the mythology as well as the role she plays in the natal chart.  She is the brightest of the asteroids and depending on how brilliantly she burns, can sometimes be visible to the naked eye.  Her surface appears shiny and resembles ancient lava flows suggesting that at one time the surface was hot enough to be on fire.

In ancient Rome Vesta represented the goddess of the eternal flame. Those who were chosen for this role held the responsibility of living in the temple, keeping the flame burning, purifying the shrine with holy water and protecting all that was considered to be sacred.  There were many daily rituals associated with purification.

Similarly, Vesta in the natal chart represents what we hold sacred and reveals clues to the type of work likely to excite and restore our inner passion.  As the story goes, keeping the eternal flame burning was a position of responsibility and dedication that was met with high honors and privileges.  Conversely, a flame that was ignored and allowed to die was met with harsh punishment.  This is similar to how we might experience our own inner flame withering when we remain in a job that no longer excites us. In order to keep the inner flame burning, it requires dedication and commitment to the profession.

Vesta also provides important clues about our ethics and suggests how we might approach work. Whenever she appears in a work sign or house, career takes on the upmost importance and suggests a strong sense of dedication, commitment and responsibility to one’s profession. This is where you’ll find yourself striving for perfection.

A client was unexpectedly let go from her job. She was fully aware the company was a mismatch for her values. Yet, with natal Vesta in Capricorn in the 10th house, she was committed to a successful outcome. She was unwavering as she tried to live up to her sacred values of dedication, responsibility, honesty and commitment.

All her hard work abruptly ended when Pluto came to the same degree as her Vesta. When a job is not a match either because of the corporate culture, salary or the responsibilities itself, it’s tough to feel the passion of the inner flame burning brightly. Pluto seemed to be forcing her to redirect her efforts to an environment that more closely aligned with her values.

Vesta can manifest in other ways such as a daily ritual of keeping your desktop immaculate, your books and magazines catalogued and your files color coded. For someone else it might be wearing their lucky suit to an interview or a client meeting. Another client with Vesta on his Ascendant is committed to the perfection of every task he undertakes and all but guarantees a successful outcome.

Aspects to Vesta can indicate periods when we reach for something new, i.e., taking over an exciting new project at work or simply feeling inspired by a new idea or completing a task.   Challenging aspects from transiting Saturn likely will bring awareness to the fact that complacency and burnout are keeping you from job fulfillment.  It’s a wake-up call to realign with your values and tune-up your career.

The Vesta return generally signifies a period of letting go or wrapping things up in order to begin something new.  Everyone has experienced a surge of energy when the inner flame is reignited from an introduction to a new and exciting opportunity.

Vesta’s message is loud and clear – our passions and desires need to be tended to, rather than ignored.  It requires dedication to maintain a high level of interest towards your life’s work. It’s far too easy to become complacent and wander off your path. When a job you were once excited about has lost its meaning, it’s probably time to face that reality directly.

As is typically the case, there are many factors to consider but Vesta’s presence provides an interesting lens that can point the way towards meaningful work.

When we experience complete fulfillment in our work, we feel a connection to our own inner flame while recognizing that during these peak times, we’re following Vesta’s valuable meaning of purification, maintaining something we hold sacred, through true dedication and commitment.  The result, we learn to love what we do professionally.

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