Question: I’ve been doing some soul searching after being laid off twice this year. What obstacles do I have to overcome to reach my next career path?  – Laura


Hi Laura,

What’s keeps getting in the way or holding you back? Saturn is transiting your Midheaven which suggests this is a year to get extra serious about your career. Perhaps you’ve been putting something off instead of addressing it? Regardless, there’s work to be done. It’s a year of responsibility and Saturn never lets you off the hook too easily. Now’s the time to get organized, get focused, get healthy, etc. and take care of anything you’ve let slip through the cracks.

You’ve also begun a wave of transits from the great liberator Uranus to your natal Scorpio planets. You have 4 planets plus your South Node in Scorpio. As Uranus moves through Taurus over the coming years, it will be asking you to liberate yourself in a number of ways related to those planets.

Now is a good time to reflect so the fact that you’ve been soul searching is perfect. Ask yourself, what’s most important in your life because that seems to be shifting. How you make money or else your money in general is changing, so step outside the box and consider what else is possible. Is money so important that you’re willing to settle for a less enjoyable job? Uranus always tends to bring necessary change for our own growth, whether we understand that at the time or not. But it looks like the big theme for this year is realizing what makes you the happiest.

Uranus transits can be fun because they bring new opportunities, new people and new adventures. They ask us to get in touch with how we’re unique, different, innovative and then celebrate it. They make life exciting but they generally require you to let go of old attitudes or feelings in order to grow and start doing things differently. Otherwise, you can end up feeling stuck like life has stopped under a Uranus transit.

One helpful exercise is to make small scale changes in your life. Shop at a new store, rearrange your furniture, prepare a new meal, call an old friend and the list is endless. There are countless things you can add to your daily routine to shake things up. Small scale change helps free up stuck energy and gets us moving again. Adding 1 small new action a day can make a huge impact.

Thanks for your question. Hope this provides some insight. Feel free to follow up if you still have questions.

Good luck!



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