Wondering how your life purpose intersects with your career?  

Feeling stuck at a crossroads and would like a different direction? 

How about a new perspective on a puzzling work situation? 

Longing for professional fulfillment?

We can help you find your answers.

The kind of help we provide is not predictive in nature – we won’t offer advice nor do we give you instructions as divined by the stars.  What we *will* do is help you align with your values to create a fulfilling career and work that is rewarding.  We offer our best insight as indicated in your birth chart so you will be able to make your own decisions.

We’re coaches – we know that you have the answers inside of you.  Astrology is a unique and personalized tool best used to help you connect to your inner knowing.  Combine it with coaching and it becomes a powerful technique to bring about positive change.

We understand how challenging it can be to hear your own voice of guidance, so it is our hope and intent that our support will help you do just that.

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