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Tom Chaplin

Pronoun: He, him, his
Astro Info: Sun – Scorpio 10th, Moon – Taurus 4th, Capricorn Rising, Saturn – Scorpio 10th

Tom Chaplin is a Career Coach who is passionate about helping people find their professional path and align with work that is meaningful and fulfilling. Tom combines numerology and astrology to get a clear understanding of the path you’re on. He teaches natal chart delineation at International Academy of Astrology. He’s co-founder of NOVA Astrology Group in Northern Virginia.

Check out his website and learn about his practice. He can be reached at 703-594-6252 or tom@truebearings.net.

Aubrie De Clerck

Pronoun: She, her, hers
Astro Info:
Sun – Cancer 11th, Moon – Capricorn 5th, Virgo Rising, Saturn – Gemini 10th

Aubrie is an astrologer and career coach who loves helping people articulate their gifts and talents, as well as identifying what they need from their work lives to feel fulfilled. She is known for being highly inspirational and deeply practical. Aubrie is proud to be an adjunct faculty at the Portland School of Astrology.

Check out her website to learn about her practice. She can be reached at 503-810-2907 or aubrie@coachingforclarity.net.