Welcome to the Your Cosmic Career Coach Podcast!

Since we are both so passionate about the results our clients get when combining career coaching with astrology, we thought it would be highly beneficial to share our experiences, insights, successes and real life stories with you.  In each new podcast, we’ll explore a different topic and do our best to present the material in a manner that not only expands your awareness of astrology’s usefulness in coaching, but shows how it can give you a great deal of insight, support and validation when faced with critical career decisions.

You’ll find the following podcasts and more:  

What to Do When You Know You Want a New Job or Career, But Have No Idea What That Is

Astrology vs. MBTI

Welcome Mercury Retrograde!  How It Can Help Your Career

You can listen to our shows on this page, or listen to and download them on SoundCloud, or  iTunes.

Aubrie & Tom